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Research & Development
Tax Credits

Research and Development tax credits were launched in 2000 as a very valuable subsidy to encourage UK companies to invest more in Research and Development in order to be more competitive in world markets.

They have been supported by all governments and in 2014 15,930 companies applied for Research and Development tax credits.

Since 2000 more than £9.5 billion has been claimed and the government has set aside approximately £1.5 billion every year to help SME’s and large companies improve their cash position by reducing their Corporation tax payments.

They have also increased the amount of tax credits to small and medium enterprises (SME’s). It is now £26 for every £100 paid of Research and Development spend and up to £32 for companies with losses.

The background to

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Chris Bailey
CEO of The Bailey Group

As a Chartered Accountant, Chris has extensive experience in helping clients and their accountants submit sustainable and provable Research & Development tax credit claims.

He, and his team, have proven expertise in helping you identify every cost you can claim and, in particular, have skills in submitting claims for Capital Allowances that could be available for the expenditure incurred in purchasing capital assets.

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As such we are able to offer many other services over and above your
R&D Tax claims.

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