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How we can help your claim with HMRC

  • Is the Company an SME? Does it qualify?
  • What is the background/history of the Company?
  • Do the activities qualify under the BIS guidelines?
  • Have there been any other grants applied for?
  • Do you have a timeline for all the work?
  • What financial records are available? What format?
  • What are your future research and development plans?
  • What are the outcomes of the R&D work?
  • What are the technical uncertainties?
  • How many staff have been involved, for how long?
  • How qualified are they?
  • Are all the costs identified?

As Chartered Accountants we focus on helping you submit correct and sustainable claims to HMRC.

  • We identify all the activities you are doing that will qualify
  • We meet the key players in your team and identify the technical viability of your work
  • We analyse your accounting records to establish how much will be claimable
  • We prepare a Gantt chart of all the timings of your work
  • We develop a system to help you compile claims for the future
  • We design and write the technical report to substantiate your claim
  • We prepare the claim and supporting documentation to meet the requirements of HMRC
  • We negotiate your claim and its agreement with HMRC
  • We look at any R&D Capital Allowance opportunities and existing claims to ensure that every tax saving area has been explored
  • We help with future claims

We ask the following questions to help you understand and prepare for submitting your claim:

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